AT Instruments is the first company to harness the power of GPU’s AI capabilities to create the ultimate safety, cyber security and video streaming for the automotive field.

AT Instruments possess a professional cyber security team , Automotive system engineers and Deep learning scientists having Decades of experience with the most of the most prestigious OEMs and Tier 1 Automotive suppliers.

Our main office is based at Cairo and soon at Stuttgart and Detroit, so stay tuned !

Company mission statement :

 Providing  a State of the AI solutions to solve the most challenging issues with the Autonomous driving safety and security , Mobility as service and Fleet management  solutions

Two major products


Eyedrive : 

a Mobile cloud solution for live video streaming serving Vehicles , trucks  buses at Remote locations.

Eyedrive is targeting MAAS, fleet management and Ride-hailing services.


Using Eyedrive mobile app you can pick which car and all camera sensors will start streaming immediately at any event , and will be stored at the cloud and you could broadcast  the video any time on multiple devices simultaneously .

Cpyr :

AI based Zero time detection Car behavior anomalies , serving the fulfillment of the   SOTIF safety standard and the prediction of unknown cyber security threats.