CarCAD is a City traffic simulation for virtual testing of ADAS and autonomous driving, it is aimed to Verify and Validate of ADAS in a Realistic Environment Simulation using real-time simulation of ADAS sensors. CarCAD provides a simulated data fusion interface that is required for implementing environment perception systems for automated vehicles. The data fusion can be configured on a graphical basis (Including Cameras, Radars and Lidars sensors), which leads to massive time savings compared to a programmatic implementation. There are multiple Use cases where you can use CarCAD , You can build quickly a Dangerous traffic situation, characterize the sensors for your data fusion layer :

  • Then integrate your Algorithms (AEB, LKA,..) on the simulated environment and check Hazardous scenarios like the EURO NCAP scenarios .

  • Then setup your MIL environment for your ADAS algorithm, integrate the algorithm under test for this scenario, using the data fusion interface. And test your Algorithm in a total simulated scenario.

  • Then Setup your Closed loop HIL environment, Send the Simulated detection messages over CAN to the ECU under test, and test the Requests from your ADAS ECU.

Visualization :

Grey: Free space

Orange: Radar detections

Blue: Obscured areas from the front cars

Green: Camera detections from the front cars

Compatible with other tools :

you can interface CarCAD with multiple know platforms (Nvidia, Dspace, ..)   to send CAN messages and synch. and replay on CANoe