The Predictive AI  WatchDog that secures your car.

Signature based prevention can no longer hold the ever evolving  & sophistication level of cyber security attacks


The zero time detection behavior anomalies is paramount .

CPYR , AI based technology is the solution to predict a newly undefined attacking vector quarantine your software and illustrate graphically the attack to the OEM sec-op

The unprecedented rise of Penetration &Malware attacks with it’s whole new level of sophistication, the conventional method of signature based protection with after-event actions   is becoming more and more inefficient , and the ability to prevent threats is becoming more appealing aspect.

With AI-based protection using CPYR, you will be able to stay ahead of the threats .

●Providing a predictive model that has a high accuracy and provides threat information for unknown suspicious objects and behaviors that are potential malwares ,  where you can stop them before ever becoming an issue

●Providing a real time prevention of unknown malwares due to the high computational power of the CPYR GPU based technology.

●A graphical based presentation for the fleet / OEM security operations to provide a comprehensive understanding of the potential attack vectors jeopardizing there